Annual Report



St. Piran's Church Perran-ar-Worthal

Perran-ar-Worthal Parochial Church Council

Annual Church Reports and Accounts

for the year ending 

31st December 2017



The principal objective of the PCC is to further the work of the Church of England in the Parish of Perranarworthal. St Piran’s Church is situated in Church Road, Perranarworthal.

The PCC is a body corporate and a charity excepted from registration.

The full PCC met four times during the year plus the Annual General Meeting and Vestry meetings.

Financial Report

2017 has been an exciting and challenging year for St Piran’s. Plans were proposed and agreed for the urgent repair of the Church floor and internal redecoration of the Church and new carpet.

At the end of the 2017 financial period, the overall asset value is £54,527 which contrasts with the previous financial year where the stated reported asset figure was £46,966 at 31st December 2016. This is a tribute to   the very generous response to the appeal for financial support in respect of the renovation work. The fund-raising team have also worked really hard to ensure additional funds were raised in respect of this work and we are very grateful for their sterling efforts. This has allowed us to build up our reserves. 

We are extremely grateful for the time, commitment and efforts put in by the Church Wardens and so many others. Of particular note is the extensive time Paul Stuart has put in to leading the renovation project.

The beautiful flower arrangements are always appreciated as are the efforts put in to keep the Church and Church Hall clean and operating effectively. Our thanks also to the working party for all their ongoing hard work in maintaining the Churchyard and Church. 

Our largest outgoing each month is the Mission and Ministry Fund, payable to the Diocese, with total payment in 2017 of £18,500 which was our full offering. 

The number of weddings was lower in 2017; we hope this is not an emerging trend. Baptisms continued to increase which is very encouraging. 

The monthly, weekly and yearly Bank Gift Aid donations, along with one off donations, provide the Church with regular and reliable funds which have contributed towards a dependable receipts balance at the end of each month. We are very grateful for the invaluable continued support of parishioners.

The clergy in the Eight Saints Cluster make regular visits to the Church and the clergy expenses remain at a reasonable level each month.

Insurance of the Church and Church Hall with Ecclesiastical continues to be another major outgoing.

It is gratifying to also see the Sunday school activities and the children in church. Thanks are due to all those who have made this possible. The August Holiday Club was a great success thanks to the hard work of so many members of the congregation. It was really encouraging to have so many local children participating.

Our Independent Examiner, due to a house move decided to step down from this role and we are very grateful to her replacement agreeing to be the Examiner for the 2017 accounts.

This is the Treasurer’s final year. She has enjoyed the role and wishes her successor well for the future. Also, thanks must go to the Assistant Treasurer who, after 5 years’ service, has decided to step down and devote more time to family.

Restrictive Funds

The Bell Tower Fund receives donations from the Truro and District Ringers and from visiting ringers to the Tower.

A grant of £600.00 came from the Parish Council for Churchyard maintenance. £500.00 from a local benefactor was generously donated for the Fabric Fund.

Maintenance of the Churchyard cost £920.00 in the year mainly due to the need for increased grass cutting due to the unusual growing season. We are very grateful to our contractor for his hard work and support.

We set up a separate fund for the Restoration project; at year end the amount attributed to the Fabric 2017 Fundraiser was an impressive £2,729.00. The Fabric Fund balance increased to £19,724.00 at the end of December 2017 from £17,525.00 at 31 December 2016. This is despite expenses on floor repairs of £750.00.

The total cost of the restoration work amounts to £12,439.00; apart from the floor repairs, the remaining costs will be reflected in the 2018 accounts.

A generous bequest from the estate of Patience Searle was gratefully received.

£713 in the Pearl of Africa fund, raised through Sunday Church coffee donations, will be donated to them in the early part of 2018.

Churchwardens Report

We wish to thank all the clergy and lay leaders who lead our worship throughout the year. Our grateful thanks are also extended to so many of the congregation who reliably assist with all the tasks required to keep the church, hall and grounds clean and maintained. It is important to recognise the commitment of people who continue to give generously both of their time and money. Without this we could not maintain or improve our lovely church.

Our Methodist friends have been worshipping with us for over a year now, and their integration has gone well. In addition, they have brought welcome assistance with the running of the church.

Piran’s People continues to meet during term time and many of them enjoyed a very successful Holiday Club in the summer. It is an annual and much loved event and a testament to the joint commitment of our church, its congregation and the community to the youngsters of the parish.

The Fellowship Group meet regularly and the weekly Coffee Stop continues to provide a much appreciated meeting place. The Lent Studies course was well attended as usual and the Lent Lunches are still very popular. Once again, the Maundy Thursday meal was an important, well supported occasion.

The Reverend Dom Jones left the cluster in July 2017 for a new appointment in Hampshire and a special leaving occasion was enjoyed by all. We wish him, and his wife Hannah, every success as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Since that time, we have advertised and interviewed for his replacement. Unfortunately, the first round of the process did not produce a suitable candidate and we are now in the middle of trying again.

2017 also saw the Way2 Interns leaving us and relocating to Falmouth. We were sad to see them go, but wish them well in their new ministry.

The Vicarage at Stithians has been designated as being the new residence for the incoming Assistant Curate and Devoran Vicarage will be the new home for the Bishop’s Chaplain.

The end of the year saw the beginning of the Church Repair/Maintenance Project. This is a major project, involving specialist work and the first stage involved the removal of the old carpet and broken floor tiles and the laying of breathable concrete.  The Treasurer set up a special ring fenced account into which designated donations towards the refurbishment were very generously made by the congregation.

Our website continues to develop. The number of ‘hits’ on its pages regularly reaches 30,000 per month, which is encouraging. It helps people keep in touch from far-away places as well as more locally, and has become an important point of contact for enquiries about services, weddings, baptisms and much more. It can be found at

We have recently completed the Annual Statistics Return and have been struck by how much older the age profile of our congregation is becoming. It is something that needs attention.

Church Wardens

January, 2018

Tower Captain's Report

Our band membership has dropped to the present level 7 (6 adults and 1 junior). This has made it difficult to maintain sufficient numbers for Sunday service ringing throughout the year.   We have continued our regular Tuesday evening practices, and we have been fortunate in attracting a couple of regular visitors which has made these practices worthwhile.  The second Tuesday practice each month continued to be run as a District practice.

In order to increase the number of ringers in November we began teaching four volunteers to ring.  This training course is being run by Mr Peter Binns, who is a member of the Association of Ringing Teachers.

During 2017 we rang for 5 Weddings.

Thanks to the members of the band for their continued support throughout the year.

Church Organ and Choir Report 

Our Church Choir has the same faithful members, who are much appreciated for their leading of the singing at our Sunday Services.

We would welcome anyone who would like to join our choir, we are a very friendly group, and would appreciate your help.

The Organ is being well maintained by Lance Foy, whose services are appreciated.

Perran-ar-Worthal Handbell Ringers

This year has not had quite the excitement of last year ‒ No Gareth Malone!!

We have 14 members in the group, our two newest members are making good progress.

During the year we have played at Care Homes and social gatherings and Christmas events, in addition to playing for our own Christmas Services in Church.

We have hosted two handbell rallies in the Village Hall, one in April and a second in November.  Twelve different teams were represented.  Thanks go to those members of the congregation who served refreshments, thus allowing the ringers to concentrate on having a good time.

At Easter Time six members of the team attended the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain 50th anniversary national rally weekend at Exeter University.  It was an amazing experience.  Teams from all over the country with 30 or more ringers and well over 100 bells.  We acquitted ourselves well, showing just what can be done with six people and twelve bells.

We don’t make a charge for most events, receiving a donation, which after expenses we were able to pass on to St Petroc’s Society.  In the last two years we have donated a total of £800.

Should you know of any group that would like us to provide entertainment, please contact Janet Thomas (01872 862876).

Perranwell Christian Fellowship

The fellowship continues to meet fortnightly on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 for 7:30 pm.  We have 12 regular members.  The evening consists of music, study and prayer.  Thanks go to those who have hosted the meetings and provided refreshments.

We have spent most of this year looking in depth at the readings and sermons from the previous Sunday.

During Lent we met each week for the Lent Study ‘Receiving Christ’ and joined in the Maundy Meal, the Good Friday Meditation and of course the Joy of Easter.

Again we organised the Lent Lunches with the help of other members of the congregation and raised a total of £1,268.50 (including gift aid) which was divided equally between Shelter Box and Cornwall Hospice Care.

New members are always welcome.  Do come and join us.

Piran’s People

Piran’s People continue to meet in the Church Hall every Sunday in term time, except for Family Worship Sundays. One more has joined us whenever able to, but two of our regular attendees are having a break. We still follow a Scripture Union scheme - “Splash” (for ages 5-8), and “X-stream” (for ages 8-11). This forms the basis of our Bible teaching and we try to sing some suitable worship songs as well. Everybody is getting more confident about sharing their experience with the congregation when we join the main body at the Sunday service.

We rely very much on the mums who stay to help and cover when I am away, and it is a joy to work with such lovely people. Charlotte Brumpton continues to help and this contributes to her Duke of Edinburgh award. We have missed the interns this year as they were happy to help with activities. We had an exciting Light party when others were holding Halloween events. This was based on Star Wars, the highlight being a candlelit journey into the Unknown (aka the church porch). I enjoyed it, despite the amount of work involved, and the children appeared to do so as well.

It becomes more difficult to put on these events as the children often have competing offers and enjoy more frequent family holidays as well as trying to get help with the organization.

Fund Raising and Social Report 

The Fund Raising Committee were delighted to welcome a new member who joined us this year.

We were soon aware that the urgent repairs needed to the church floor, decorating of the interior of the church and purchasing new carpeting were all being planned by the PCC and so our fund raising efforts were vital to help towards the mounting costs for this as well as supporting our MMF offering.

The programme of events included a superb Easter and Christmas Hamper. 

During the Big Village event we held an Open Church afternoon with Hand Bell ringing and cream teas. Three of the team also had a stall at the Car Boot Sale on a very damp Sunday morning in June.   We were also able to take some goods to auction which had been very kindly donated by the family of the late Patience Searle. The annual Plant Sale was a great success and our thanks go to those who spend many hours sowing seeds, growing and tending to the young plants so that they are ready and in good condition for the sale.

Our thanks are given to our regular hosts for the Cream Teas and Croquet at their home once again. It is always a very enjoyable afternoon with some friendly competitions.   

In October we held our first Soup and Puddings Club in the Village Hall.  Some very delicious homemade soups and puddings were on offer and everyone appeared to enjoy the selection. This will now become a twice yearly event.

There was also the annual Bridge Drive in November which was very well supported not just for the bridge but is also renowned for the excellent tea of sandwiches and cakes.

As I write this I am aware that events including food appear constantly, but then everyone does likes to eat, so food will definitely appear in next year’s programme too.

My sincere thanks to all the fund-raisers. This extra income really makes a difference. 

We raised approximately £3500 this year.

If anyone would like put on an event, we would be delighted to help and support them. 

Deanery Synod Report

The deanery synod has met on various occasions during the year.  Guest speakers included Sophie Doyle who introduced herself as the South West youth ministry coordinator, also known as SWYM. She works with young people and children. SWYM has reached over 20000 young people living in the south west. We welcomed the appointment of the Reverend Jo Mulliner as team vicar for mission for the Redruth benefice and Carnmarth North deanery. Reverend Casper Bush introduced Jo at our meeting at St Mary’s Portreath in November. At this meeting our treasurer Richard Robinson mentioned about a completely new system of MMF that will be introduced in 2019. He encouraged churches with shortfalls to pay as much as they could for 2018.  Further meetings on this matter are in the process of taking place for treasurers. The Reverend Bush was licensed as our new Rural Dean at the Covenant service at St Andrews Redruth with Bishop Chris in January. We as your deanery representatives continue to represent St Piran’s at Synod.

Church Flowers

Over the past few years, we have appealed to our Church members to consider whether they would like to join our team of flower arrangers, but sadly, there has been no response, so far. Perhaps this is the year that my appeal will be rewarded………..

One of our members, approaching her 92nd birthday, has reluctantly decided that she is unable to continue to create the flower arrangement at the altar, and we all thank her for her help over many years. I know that everyone will know whom I mean.

Fortunately, however, there are others in the team who are only in their seventies and eighties, and despite their arthritis and walking problems, they do a wonderful job each week. I must not forget the two members we have, who are barely reaching middle age – they have only just retired from work.

Once again the generosity of our congregation in donating money in memory of a loved one, has helped with the cost of decorating the Church, and I do commend this kind gesture as a most valuable contribution towards the upkeep of our building.

Tuesday Work Party

The wonderful new toy used by our group stands in the Choir vestry – an extendable ladder that enables us to reach the chandeliers, with a slightly lesser risk of an accident, when we have to change the light bulbs. A big thank you to our H&S department.

Work outside has continued, subject to the uncertainties of the weather, on a regular basis, with some months busier than others. Visitors to the Churchyard on Tuesdays are encouraged to join us, either for our coffee break or to use a rake, secateurs or a broom, but somehow our invitations have been met with little or no success. Still, we have a good team.

Coffee Stop

We have now entered our 9th year! It seems amazing that during this time, our weekly numbers have been fairly constant. In fact, this year there has been the welcome addition of new regulars.

The only slight concern is that several members of our team have had to drop out from assisting, hopefully temporarily, for health reasons.

However, on most occasions, the donations we receive continue to exceed our outgoings each week, as can be seen from the notice that our Treasurer prepared showing the organisations we have all supported during these nine years.

Once again, we are most grateful to David and Barbara for welcoming us to their delightful home throughout August.

Eight Saints Cluster of Churches - Annual Report 

It is now the seventh year since the Eight Saints Cluster began. We continue to make steady progress as we seek to ensure that we can each focus on the Diocesan mission to ‘Discover the Kingdom’ and together ‘Grow the Church’.

Each of the eight churches has weekly Sunday worship and there are also regular midweek services in four of the churches. The Clergy (licensed and retired), Readers and Local Worship Leaders have managed to cover all of these services although at times covering the rota has been a challenge and our thanks go to all who have led worship this year.

The Reverend. Steve Fletcher completed his curacy this year and he continues to minister across the cluster as an Associate Priest. In May, eight new worship leaders were commissioned across the cluster after successfully completing the Sunday Plus course.

There were however also many farewells during the year. The Reverend. Elly Sheard completed her curacy with us and has left to become a chaplain at Truro College and is also teaching on the “Windows into” courses and other courses in the Diocese. The Reverend Dom Jones also left the cluster to become the Lead Chaplain for Hampshire Constabulary and we wish them both well in their new ministries to which they have felt called.

The Way2 (Truro Internship) Scheme also moved to Falmouth to become part of a new Diocesan initiative and so we also said farewell to our interns Sophie and Christine.

Our cluster administrator Wendy continues to be an invaluable resource across the cluster and as of the 1st February 2017 she is now employed by the cluster. We have striven to increase our methods of communication across the cluster through our very own cluster website and publish a regular newsletter along with our online diary and pastoral services diary for keeping records of occasional offices. We have also now set up a facebook page and send monthly “what’s on” emails to those that have subscribed.

We have continued to conduct many baptisms, marriages and funeral services within the Cluster throughout the year and commended into the hands of God many faithful members of our congregations over this past year. The overall annual attendance in each church has remained fairly static with some churches experiencing slight growth and welcoming new congregational members into the church family.  There was however encouraging attendance throughout the cluster churches for the services during Christmas and Easter again this year.

It has been another difficult year with the paying of Mission and Ministry Fund (MMF) and a heartfelt thank you goes to all the parishes for this tremendous effort, and for your realistic and generous offers for 2018.

Throughout the year, in each church, there have been busy worship and social programmes including Lent courses, Lent lunches, lunch club, coffee stops, fetes, musical festivals and concerts, fund raising events, meals, quizzes, harvest festivals, All Souls services, healing services, Christingle and Carol Services, Midnight masses, animal blessings and many more. As if that wasn’t enough all eight Churches continue to be well maintained, clean, tidy, organised and open for worship and social interaction week after week. Our sincere thanks go to all who work so hard in so many aspects of church life.

The Cluster service this year was a farewell to Dom held at Feock. Despite being a farewell, the service was very positive and showcased some of the talents across the cluster with hand bell ringers, musicians, Open the Book teams and even some puppets.

Our young people’s work within the cluster is continuing develop well with three Messy Churches in Stithians, St. Day & Carnon Valley based in Devoran which launched in September 2016. As with the others it is an ecumenical project with the Methodists.

All Age Worship is flourishing across the cluster with many of our services being led by teams of local worship leaders sharing the worship and planning. Open the Book assemblies are taking place regularly in many of our schools as well as the clergy paying visits and one of our clergy taking on a school governor role. The annual holiday club in Perranwell also took place on the theme of ‘Watt-a-Lott Castle’ and was well attended and enjoyed by those who came.

The clergy team continue to take Home Communion to many members of our local community and visit those in hospital, and our thanks to those who have let us know who has needed visiting.

The cluster team continue to meet each week on Thursday mornings to share information and support one another in our ministries across the cluster. The cluster continues to be a place for training opportunities as over the year we have had people on placement and are looking forward to welcoming a new Assistant Curate, Richard Wallis in Petertide this year. We also hope to fill the Associate Priest role in the cluster during this year too. As a Cluster we will also be commencing AMD 2.0 this coming year to help us focus on discovering the kingdom and growing God’s church.

On a personal level, as a family, this has been a very difficult year and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your love, prayers, support and friendship which has been a real blessing to us all during a very sad time for us. I conclude by once again thanking you for all that you do for Christ’s Church and please be assured of my thanks and prayers for you all.

With love and prayers to you all

God Bless

Fr Simon 

February, 2018