In 2015 the Deanery Synod sought to respond to the Diocesan challenge which was to raise the Mission and Ministry Fund by 28% in 2015 and by a further 3% in 2016. The call for 2015 was met in full.

Planning for the future was a huge task which we took very seriously. Richard Robinson, our Deanery Financial Advisor, presented a variety of options for us to consider as we prayerfully considered how we might meet the sum we were asked to pay.

In October it was decided by Deanery Synod that for 2016 we would ask each parish to prayerfully consider how much they could pay and that together we would try to meet the Diocesan call of £345,000. We have managed to pledge all but £30,000 of this. We have informed the Diocesan Secretary and that has been acknowledged. This means that the Diocesan Board of Finance has some idea of what they can expect to receive this year. Alongside the challenge of raising the money to pay the call we looked at ways that we might Discover the Kingdom and Grow the Church.

Instead of focusing on masses of fund raising and using all the reserves to meet the cost, we tried to turn the focus on how we might address the problem of a smaller number of regular attenders and those committed to giving regularly and encourage those on the fringes to engage more fully with the life and worship of the church.

In May there was a Taster Day at Camborne Church. Groups for a variety of parishes offered workshops and chances to experiment with alternative services and activities. There were workshops included: Music, Open the Book, Café Church, Bible Study using Windows Into courses, Pastoral Care. The Diocesan Evangelism Group spent an evening with us, the main message was that events like Alpha, Emmaus and others, marriage preparation, baptism preparation, café church, open the book and so on were like stepping stones, each a step on a journey in faith, each needing the next step planned as we planned the event. In July the Rev Dom Whiting became the Methodist Minister for Troon Methodist Church in addition to being Rector of Treslothan and Crowan. This is an amazing step forward in working
together and fulfilling the Declaration of Intent that was signed at Bodmin in 2013.

We forwarded 3 nominations for the Cross of St Piran this year and are delighted that the Bishop accepted all 3 nominations. Congratulations to Mr Richard Robinson, Mrs Eileen Cock and Mrs Christine Walker.

Deanery Synod meetings are open to ALL, only elected Deanery Synod members can vote but anyone can take part in discussion or engage with events.

On Sunday 24 January the year was launched at the Deanery Covenant Service at St Stythians Church and Bishop Tim was with us and started us off on our year of Sharing our Faith Story and concentrating on the ‘OUT’ direction of the Way of Life. 

Deanery Synod meetings will have this focus. In addition to the business we will be concentrating on sharing stories.
Deanery Synod meetings are all at St Mary, Portreath

7.00 pm on Tuesday 26th April – Pauline Burdette [Pauline works with other members of the diocesan staff team to promote personal discipleship through the ‘Way of Life’ as a pattern for Christian living. Her key roles include training and developing the team of Way Guides in the diocese, and ensuring the availability of appropriate discipleship resources. Working alongside various groups, including the Discipleship, Learning and Training Committee, she also has overall responsibility for the planning and delivery of diocesan Waymark events.]

7.00 pm Thursday 14 July - Kelly Rowe [Kelly’s role is to work across the diocese alongside parishes and the central team with the key aim of Discovering God’s Kingdom and Growing the Church. Among other things, Kelly is responsible for developing and managing the communications strategy for the Diocese of Truro as we move forward. Other responsibilities include ensuring the diocese publications are easily identifiable and accessible for all, helping
parishes in their communications aims and ensuring the diocese moves forward digitally. Kelly is keen to ensure that the people of the diocese are able to tell their stories, in their words for the benefit of all.]

7.00pmmTuesday 08 November – Bishop Chris – he will share some of his experiences on pilgrimages.

Olive Stevens
Rural Dean