Piran's People


Piran’s People - Who We Are and What We Do.

     Piran’s People meet every Sunday in term time, except for Family Worship Sundays. We have 9 regular attendees with ages ranging from 2 to 9 and four of the mums stay as well, making it more of a family time. We have been following “Splash (for 5-8 yr olds)”, a scheme from the Scripture Union, which has a colourful book of activities for children. This forms the basis of our Bible teaching and we try to sing some suitable worship songs.  
     We hope to integrate a seasonal party each term, which is open to other children who may not have attended the Sunday sessions. The regulars are encouraged to bring along friends rather than just putting a poster out. We have a Light party on October 31st as an alternative to Halloween events. This year we had a fancy dress competition, boisterous games and hot dogs. They were invited to bring two friends so about 25 children came. We also had an Epiphany party on January 9th instead of a Christmas party. This was in the form of “Follow that star!” so involved craft activities, although the original aim was to make gifts to give away. We didn’t have as many children to this. Some were away, illness prevented others and the weather was dreadful. We did have 4 who do not attend on Sundays. Parents said that parents and children alike enjoyed both events. The aim of these is to show that Christians can have a good time and to tell a little of the Bible whilst offering an alternative to a secular event. We usually have an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Saturday where we also make an Easter garden. 
     We rely very much on the mums who stay to help and cover when I am away, and it is a joy to work with such lovely people. I must also thank Jan Buckingham who has been a great help with our parties. Unfortunately Harry has not been able to come regularly as he has many commitments and he is sorely missed but Charlotte continues to help. We have been so fortunate to have these two young people who act as role models for the younger ones. And it’s fun to have young people around! This will be our greatest challenge in the future – to keep young people committed as they get older.

Chris Ryall
March 2016