Holiday Club


Mission Impossible?

If you had visitors for tea –
Not one or two, or two or three, 
But crowds as far as the eye could see
And the shops were shut and the phone was dead
Could you see that the crowds were fed
With a few small fish and a loaf of bread?
Jesus did.

If you went out in a little boat
With a couple of friends for a trip afloat
But the wind arose with an angry note
And the sea came up and the rain came down
And everyone thought they were going to drown
Could you calm the weather with a word and frown?
Jesus did.

If you had a friend who was sick in bed
Who everyone thought was as good as dead
And even the doctors shook their head,
Who do you know, in the whole wide land,
Could come and take her by the hand,
Say, “Get up lassie” and make her stand?
Jesus did.

These miracles he did, it’s true,
Are much too hard for me and you, 
But still there’s something we can do.
If you just try to do or say
At least one kind thing every day
You will be acting in your own small way
As Jesus did. 

Rosemary Aitken